The City of Sails Pipe is an Incorporated Society and a non profit making organisation.

Our funding comes from membership subscriptions, donations, grants, from our parades and performances and sponsorship from our generous benefactors.

Hire the Band
Are you interested in hiring the band/or a solo piper to play at a function? Please contact us to find out more.

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We are pleased to be able to thank St Kilda Retail (Australia) for their ongoing assistance with supplying our band with a range of projects and services and we are happy to acknowledge this in our web site and refer our members and friends to them.

We would also like to promote the bands main brogue repairer John Pearce. He has supplied a great service for our members.

We acknowledge the support of Pub Charities and for awarding our band a grant to support the purchase a band set of chanters.

We acknowledge the support of Auckland Council and thank them for awarding us a grant to support the hire of the hall for our practice venue .

We acknowledge the support of the Auckland Council Creative Communities initiative and thank them for awarding us a grant to run a series of technical workshops for our band members.

As the City of Sails Pipe Band is a community organisation with a strong focus on youth we have to continue working improving the bands its musical performances, the standard of our attire and quality of our tutoring and as such we will be continuing to approach charitable trusts to seek Grants.

We are very happy to acknowledge in both our website and our other correspondence the trusts that have been able to assist us in these endeavours.

If you wish to make a donation to the band then please contact us and we will happily assist.

Email Enquiries –